ONE RISK GROUP, LLC One Risk Management And Insurance Services, LLC


Claims Management is comprised of consultation, audits, arranging service agreements, coordinating special handling instructions, and aggressively negotiating reserve reductions.

Combining experience and advocacy, One Risk Group, LLC provides clients with support that ensures the insurance products we negotiate respond as intended without delay and disruption and minimize the impact of claims. The majority of every premium dollar you pay is attributed to claims costs - it's critical to manage claims effectively to reduce your costs of risk.

Workers' Compensation Claims

Effective Workers’ Compensation claims management can reduce both direct and indirect costs; costs associated with the injury itself and those associated with the administration of the claim and loss of productivity. One Risk Group, LLC structures a customized plan that provides clients with a dedicated claims consultant to work as their advocate.

Property / Casualty Claims

Each One Risk Group, LLC service team is responsible to oversee every stage of Property & Casualty claims to ensure the carrier's actions are expeditious and in the client's best interest. Team members just don't move claims along for handling - when necessary, we engage our internal legal counsel to work on your behalf to ensure fair representation and recovery. Additionally, an internal diary system allows for tracking and monitoring as changes and developments occur.