ONE RISK GROUP, LLC One Risk Management And Insurance Services, LLC


The One Risk Group, LLC approach to Risk Management is founded on the premise of "knowing as much about your business as you do" and then adding our knowledge of managing your risk. We will perform a detailed operational and risk transfer analyses founded on your corporate needs and stated goals. Three elements comprise the process:

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

The Qualitative Analysis or "what?" includes those risks that have a potentially harmful impact on your organization and are characterized as Critical, Important and Less Important. Areas of scrutiny include:

  1. Management's Appetite for Risk – "Risk Tolerance"
  2. Innovation, Product Development and Marketing
  3. Contractual
  4. Compliance and Regulatory
  5. Safety
  6. Social Responsibility
  7. Internal Policies

The Quantitative Analysis or "how much?" attempts to measure risks from relative numerical values with a focus on analysis of losses, exposures, costs, benefits and financial statements. The net result addresses the financial impact of risk and risk treatment measures.

Risk Mapping

A visual analytical tool from which all risks of an organization can be identified and the potential impact understood. The One Risk Map™ will support each area of decision making by your organization.

Risk Assessment

Our in-depth study of your operations culminates in the One Risk Assessment™, which provides an executive summary of findings and recommendations that your management team may use as a guide to manage risk and make informed strategic decisions.